Memorial Day


For the better part of two years I have been listening to the statistics about suicide among veterans. For a country that can spend trillions of dollars on instruments of death and destruction how can we not find the money and will to stop this epidemic. Do we believe that when the Commander and Chief pronounces an end to military hostilities that wars end? The truth is that war never ends for those who have been in it. There may be hours or days when it is not on the top of their mind but the wounds of war never go away. Those wounds continue to be inflicted on family members and friends, and many times, when all hope is lost, those who endured the pain of combat decide to end their own life.

Today Forbes posted an article that states that 22 veterans are committing suicide every day, one every 65 minutes. How is it possible that we let this continue? If we were losing a soldier in combat every 65 minutes we would be increasing our military budget and convening the joint chiefs to determine why were were losing the war. There is truly just no excuse for this.

This weekend as we eat our BBQ and speak of all those who have died in our wars remember the number 22. Share it with your friends as you attend parades and decorate graves. Spread the word and demand action because we are losing the war.

About fatherjeremy

I am a priest in the Episcopal Church in the Diocese of Oregon. I am currently the rector of Christ Church, Lake Oswego, OR
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